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Officially the number of American citizens of Serb ethnic ancestry is around two hundred thousand people, but in reality the number of ethnic Serbs in USA is much higher and some says that it exceeds one million (not all of them are American citizens, some have green card or other types of visas which allow them to be temporarily present in the U.S.). Major centers of Serbian settlement in the United States include Indianapolis, Chicago, New York City, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Jackson (California). Serbs preserve their culture, language, traditions and cuisine in their households, Serbian Orthodox Church communities, ethnic institutions, schools, institutes, associations, clubs, etc. They often run some local businesses inspired by their motherlands cuisine and traditions such as: restaurants, bars, bakeries, grocery stores, etc, and share the peace of Serbian lifestyle and heritage to all Americans. Experience Serbian hospitality, tasteful cuisine, traditional drinks and authentic Balkan music far away from Serbia in “The Land Across the Pond”.

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