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Any part of the portal serbiancookbook.com can’t be used for illegal purposes, or to promote any illegal material or activities.
Serbiancookbook.com Portal consists of its own content, translated ancient written and printed content created by collecting and research by the administrators, partners and advertisers content, free content, and content created by visitors and links to external sites.
Content of portal serbiancookbook.com use only at your own risk, and therefore portal is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer using the portal content.
Portal serbiancookbook.com is created for informational and entertainment purposes only, and not in educational  purposes, which can be interpreted as a bad influence on visitors of the portal.
Also, the portal serbiancookbook.com not are not responsible for the food prepared and consumed by visitors witch prepared with the assistance of the contents of this site. Using the contents of this site/portal serbiancookbook.com are visitors and only personal responsibility of the users, therefore for  any material damage or caused any damage to health, the portal will not be held responsible.

Copyright Notices

Portal serbiancookbook.com site was created by collecting and research by the website / portal authors and administrators. Content comes from the written and printed material collected in the territory of Serbia, which have been translated from Serbian language into English language by the author. The author’s intention is to acquaint the world with Serbian culture and tradition, sharing recipes and cooking experiences. Intention of the authors is not means a violation of copyright, religious or national law and rights, violations of others’ personal property, but only create a repository of knowledge gathered from the Serbian tradition and history and their preservation.
Unauthorized and illegal use of any portion of the portal for any illegal purposes (including the content of the portal created by the partners, advertisers or users of the portal), considered as infringement serbiancookbook.com portals and subject to prosecution.
If you believe that serbiancookbook.com violated your copyright, the case will be looked into immediately, and the material in question will be removed immediately after the eventual establishment of the factual.
Serbiancookbook.com also contains links to other Web sites and is not responsible for the content on these sites, or for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of these web pages.
Serbiancookbook.com not responsible for content on the portal page advertisers or for any damages caused by advertising.

Protecting the privacy rights of visitors

Portal serbiancookbook.com protects the privacy of users as far as possible, which means that personal information to visitors and users (e-mail, name, etc.).will never pass on to third parties.

Serbiancookbook.com Portal may, in accordance with the law, gather information on users obtained while using the portal (only information about the computer and the Internet service provider) or data entered into the registration. These data serbiancookbook.com used to have information about users who use it, and to improve the portal and its contents in order to additionally intended and adapted for the public to visit him. Portal will use this information to find out which activities are most popular with the audience and that it will only be considered as as research.
Serbiancookbook.com Portal is committed to protect the privacy of site users, except in cases of violation of site rules serbiancookbook.com or unlawful user activities.

Serbiancookbook.com reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without prior notice to its improvement.