Christmas Roasted Duck

This is an old Serbian village,or city,grandmothers recipe and should be served hot,as a main meal,contributed by the mashed potatoes with many kinds of salads.
Shepherd’s Scrambled Eggs

Shepherd’s scrambled eggs could be served for breakfast with an addition of bacon, ham, mushrooms, ajvar, fresh tomato, tomato sauce, parsley (as an decoration) etc. A very delicious and special taste of this breakfast meal mainly depends on the cow…
Domestic Baker Rolls

Domestic baker rolls are very nice, tasty and suitable in many situations on parties, birthdays, family celebrations, as an appetizer before main meals even on Christmas, Easter and A New Year celebrations. Our recommendation, very nice and tasty.
Lettuce Salad

Lettuce salad - clean, fresh salad, common in Serbian cuisine to be served with roast meat and fries. Ingredients: 2 head lettuce, 4 tablespoons oil...