Christmas Roasted Duck

Christmas roasted duck
Christmas roasted duck


  • 1 whole duck cut into pieces-parts (drumsticks,wings,two half-s of breasts etc.)
  • 2-3 soup spoons of cooking oil
  • 500-600 ml (05-0,6 l) of water
  • Salt according to taste
  • 6-8 tea spoons of Vegeta or “Spice C” (Serbian – “Začin C”) – a condiment


1. Cut one whole duck into the pieces-parts (drumsticks,wings,two half-s of breasts etc.).
2. Take a bigger saucepan, pour in 2-3 soup spoons of cooking oil.
3. Add salt over the duck’s meat according to taste, prepare and arrange the duck pieces in this saucepan.

Spice C + Vegeta
Spice C + Vegeta

4. Pour in about 200-250 ml of water and put a pot-lid to cover the saucepan.
5. Turn on the stove plate, put the saucepan on the plate and roast the meat on the medium temperature (about 200 Celsius degrees), until the meat becomes soft (check it by fork tip-the fork goes through the meat easily).
6. Important : During the roasting process, add about 100 ml of water 3-4 times as the water vaporize, watching and preventing the roasting meat get overdone.
7. When the roasting was done, take off the pot-lid and pour 1/2 teaspoon of Vegeta, or “Spice C” over each piece of meat.
8. Keep roasting without pot-lid for about 5 minutes more, until the meat gets reddish, then, turn over each piece of meat to the opposite side. Once more,  pour a little more of Vegeta or “Spice C” (between three finger catch) over each piece of meat, wait to get reddish, and turn over each piece of meat several times.
9. Turn off the stove plate, leave the saucepan on the hot plate a few minutes more, turn over each piece of meat a few times more until they all get equally reddish, and it’s done.
This is the recipe of Serbian old village, or city, grandmothers which still lives on. The special curiosity, besides of the deliciousness of roasted duck meat, is the unique taste of duck’s fat, yellow like a gold,  smeared over a piece of fresh bread, little strewn by a ground sweet red pepper.  Many of our generations have grown up with this specialty (remembered and well known by all of them). The old people say, (when there was a lack of modern medicine), that this fat is very healthy for the children lungs, if consumed in moderate quantities.
The roasted duck meat should be served hot, as a main meal, contributed by the mashed potatoes with many kinds of salads: fresh cabbage salad, fresh cucumbers salad, pickled cucumbers, turshia, ajvar etc.
Enjoy it!

Christmas roasted duck + serving

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