Shufnoodles with Fried Breaded Crumbs

Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)


  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 700 gr of soft flour type 400
  • 250 gr of breaded crumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 soup spoon of butter (or margarine)
  • 5 soup spoons of cooking oil
  • salt according to taste
  • Sugar according to taste


1. Peel 1 kg of potatoes, put them into a deeper saucepan with enough water to cover the potatoes, add 1 tea spoon of salt. Cook the potatoes in a boiling water on the stove plate for about 30 minutes until the potatoes become soft. While the potatoes are cooking you can little lower the temperature to prevent boiling water come over the pan.

Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)
Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)

2. Drain water from the pan and mush potatoes well with the potatoes musher. Add 1 soup spoon of melted butter or margarine and stir it well too. Leave it for awhile to cool down a little, add 2 eggs and stir it well again to achieve the mixture get equalized. Then, while adding the flour, stir constantly  the mixture until you get the medium soft (not sticky) dough.
3. One whole piece of dough divide into several parts and make of them the longer cylindrical shape dough pieces. These cylindrical pieces cut horizontally with a knife to small approximately similar parts as many as you can get.
4. Each of these cut shapes form into smaller dough cylinders by your palms and fingers and arrange them in a prepared tray until you finish making small cylinders – shufnoodles. The surface of the tray has to be strew with a thin layer of flour preventing  the dough (shufnoodles) stick to a tray.
5. Turn on the stove plate, put some bigger cooking pan onto it, pour in about 1-1,5 l water, add 1 tea spoon of salt and wait until the water starts to boil.
6. Put shufnoodles into a boiling water and cook them until they come out to the water surface. This means they are done (cooked).
7. Cooked shufnoodles take out from the water with the ladle, and leave them to cool down for awhile.
8. In the meantime, pour 5 soup spoons of cooking oil into another pan, add 250 gr of bread crumbs and fry it for a few minutes until it gets golden-yellow-brown color, stir constantly to prevent bread crumbs get burned.
9. Cooked shufnoodles roll into the fried bread crumbs, arrange them on the tray and it’s ready for serving.
Some people like to eat them sweet (add sugar according to taste), some like them salty (add salt according to taste). But some like them both.
Anyway, this is an old Serbian traditional meal, exceptionally delicious (sweet or salty) and very intriguing by its nick name given by our grandmothers: kurčići (little children pricks – free English translation), but with no vulgar connotation. This very tasty meal could be served as an desert, after the main meal, rarely alone, mostly favored by children and adults also.
Try it once, love it forever. Enjoy!

Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)
Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)
Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)
Shufnoodles with fried breaded crumbs (Šufnudle sa prezlama)

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