Lettuce Salad

Lettuce salad
Lettuce salad


  • 2 head lettuce,
  • 4 tablespoons oil,
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar (or lemon juice),
  • salt,
  • pepper.


  1. Clean lettuce from dry leaves. Rest of leaves cut off, every leaf well wash, dry and place in a bowl. If head lettuce is greater and has bigger leaves, cut them into the larger strips.
  2. Add salt and pepper, and vinegar or lemon juice (sprinkle salad) and pour oil.
  3. Immediately serve freshly made salad.


Lettuce should not stand even a little. It immediately loses its freshness and color.


Besides this – the most common serving of lettuce salad, in Serbia it is also served as an integral part of other salads and appetizers, and very often with the sauce of sour milk. In this case, there is no need for vinegar or lemon juice, just salt and pepper are enough.

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One Response to "Lettuce Salad"

  1. Yes indeed, luqiid lettuce. The world is divided into those of us who knew immediately what ThirdCat was talking about and those of you who clean out your fridges once a week.From time to time, some of us gingerly retrieve a plastic bag full of green luqiid from its hiding place at the back of the fridge and have no idea what sort of vegetable it used to be. I am impressed that ThirdCat knew it was an ex-lettuce.


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