Russian Salad (Ruska salata)

Russian salad (Ruska salata)
Russian salad (Ruska salata)


  • 4 x 450g  mixed seasoning vegetables for Russian salad (frozen or fresh) containing the peas, parsley, carrot, potatoes
  • 2 x 200g of mayonnaise
  • 6 whole boiled eggs
  • 2 x 750g pickled gherkins
  • salt according to taste


  1. Put the mixed seasoning vegetables for Russian salad (frozen or fresh) into the deeper cooking pan with water and one tea spoon of salt. Cook it in to the boiling salty water for about 25-30 minutes until the cooking vegetables become softly.
  2. When it’s done (cooked), remove (strain) the hot water fromt he pan with a strainer and leave the cooked vegetables to get cold.
  3. All pickled gherkins cut to small cubes except 2-3 whole pieces which should be left for a final decoration. Cutting the pickled gherkins should be done with the knife manually.
  4. Add cuts of the pickled gherkins into the cooled mixed seasoning vegetables with addition of salt according to taste and whisk (mix) it all well.
  5. Prepare 6 whole boiled eggs, peel their shell off, cut four boiled eggs into the small cubes and add it to the mixture of pickled gherkins and mixed seasoned vegetables. Whisk it all well. Two whole peeled off boiled egges should be left for the final decoration.
  6. Add 300-400g of mayonnaise and whisk it all well again.
  7. Thus made mixture pour into the appropriate, previously prepared good looking serving vessel (ceramic or glass bowl), form the plane top surface and make its fine decoration. Use previously left whole pieces of pickled gherkins and boiled eggs, cut them to various forms and pieces, using your broad imagination to make the final decoration as more attractive as you can.
    Russian salad is an extraordinary contribution to various kinds of roasted meat, especially to a roasted suckling pig. It could be served for various kinds of domestic or solemn celebrations and this kind of exceptionally tasty meal take our the best recommendation. Try once and you will always love it. Enjoy!
Russian alad preparing steps 1
Russian alad preparing steps 1
Russian salad preparing steps 2
Russian salad preparing steps 2
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2 Responses to "Russian Salad (Ruska salata)"

  1. I have had a version of this with chicken meat and potatoes which was very good! Is that not traditional?

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    1. Dear Jim,
      well this probably not the tradition Russian salad in Russia, but when you mention Russion salad here in Serbia, you get this (even in hotels, restaurant etc.). Variations exist, of course, but this is the most common recipe. 🙂

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