Veliki slavski kolač – Great Cake for Serbian Orthodox Traditional Celebration “Slava”

Veliki slavski kolač
Veliki slavski kolač


  • 1.5kg of flour,
  • 30kg yeast,
  • 4 yolk,
  • 4 tablespoons sugar,
  • piece oils,
  • lemon peel,
  • milk,
  • 1 egg yolk,
  • salt.


  1. If the instant yeast then it is directly used (interfere), and each 1 / 2 kg of flour, one bag goes dry (instant) yeast. If the yeast, then the following procedure:
    First, knead the yeast so that the lower court in a jam about 30 g brewer’s yeast, poured the tepid milk, break the lumps and add salt and flour, the dough can be made rarely.
    The court put the yeast in the not too hot place to bread. While yeast rain, put a kilo and a half of flour to the court for mixing the flour a good warm up next to the stove.
  2. In another court in paragraph 4 of yolk, 4 tbsp sugar, a piece of butter, yeast, which had previously stood in a little lukewarm water or milk, and all mixed together well. Add the grated rind of lemon, add a little flour slowly and knead the dough by pouring lukewarm milk until the dough like a pie for each of similar composition. When dough begins to separate from the court and it bubbles begin to pop up means that it is enough done. To make it even more dough may be added during mixing in a little melted butter so that the melted butter about 100 g is added during mixing in a bit to dough, oil drench hands and continues stirring. If you knead the dough like this, then the cake will be much wetter and tastier.
  3. Then cover the dough with a clean cloth and leave in a warm place near stove until the dough rise. When the dough has almost filled the court, or when it becomes about twice than when it was mixed. Place dough on a flat board for mixing dough and makes the Slava cake.
    The appearance of the cake depends on the skills housewives.
  4. Cake is made in the form of bread or a round in which the mold is oven. What is important is that the cake be crossed, or has a pattern in the shape of the cross in the middle, and may be mounted wreath of knitted braids of dough that is made by cutting with a small knife.
    Decoration of the cakes can be made from sour dough, and knead to be especially lean dough without yeast, eggs and milk, and these tests make the cake decorations. Since the test is done everything we want in a house: the birds, which are health and happiness, to cluster the vineyard well-born, that keg in the house everything was in abundance, and the most important decoration is “Poskurica” with an I, S, H, R, N, I, K, A,. This sign is placed in the middle of the cake.
    The whole cake is yolk coating and decoration is left white.
    The cake is placed in the oven and carefully roasted. Baked cake is removed from the molds and leave to cool.

Plug version:

Slava cake can bake and lean, especially if it falls into the baptismal name of the lean days. Is made in the same way as fatty, but without milk, eggs and oils. Instead of oils can be put margarine, because it is of vegetable fat and lean is.

See the ceremony of cutting the great cake for Serbian Orthodox traditional celebration “Slava” in Niš officiated by Patriarch Irinej of Serbia:

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