Pikeperch in Sauce

Pikeperch in sauce
Pikeperch in sauce

(enough for 6 servings)


  • 1.5 kg pikeperch,
  • 100 g butter,
  • half tablespoons flour,
  • 2 dl sour cream,
  • salt,
  • white pepper.


  1. Clean fish and rub inside and out (beware of dorsal fin – stabs) with salt and place in oiled baking pan, pour melted butter and bake about half an hour at 190-200 degrees.
  2. Pour that half baked fish with cream mixture of flour, salt and pepper, and bake for another ten minutes.
  3. Remove baked pikeperch to the hot plate and pour sauce in which fish was baked over it and serve with boiled potatoes or rice and good wine.

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