Pig Roasted on a Spit

Pig roasted on a spit
Pig roasted on a spit


  • cleaned pig from 6 to 8 kg,
  • 2 small chickens cleaned,
  • 5 dl oil,
  • 200 g lean bacon,
  • 1 bottle beer,
  • 100 g corn flour,
  • 150 g salt,
  • 100 g pepper,
  • 2 tablespoons of dried vegetable seasonings.


  1. Wash and dry the pig.
  2. Chickens also wash and dry, rub with dried vegetables seasoning, pepper and salt. In each chicken place a piece of dry bacon of 100 g.
  3. Put both chickens in the pig’s abdominal cavity, which before needs to be salted and besmeared with oil. With wire attach the skin on the belly so the chickens would not drop down. Besmeare the entire pig outside with salt and oil. Put pig on the spit.
  4. It is the best to roast pig on dry grapevine wood. Pig needs to be baked for at least 3 hours. All time keep rotating it and occasionally besmeare with oil and pepper mixture. It is typically to tie a clean patch to the long rod, which is use to besmeare pig, as a brush.
  5. At ten minutes before you remove pig from spit, sprinkle it with beer and corn flour to make pig crisp roast.
  6. Pig first cool little, and then cut it, and chickens serve as a separate specialty.

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