10 meat tips

10 useful tips for preparing meat. To refresh a long standing meat in the fridge, when you need to brine the meat, to bake meat and so on.

10 meat tips
10 meat tips
  1. Meat for barbecue can not be just removed from the refrigerator just because it may happen that the inside stays cold. Foods should be room temperature. Before grilling, the meat must be completely dry, without moisture, and it is good to coat it with oil. Put pepper and salt only when it gonna be almost completely done, because salt draws the water from meat, and baked pepper has an unpleasant taste and odor.
  2. Minced meat will become bloated and less calories when mixed with low fat cream cheese instead of bread crumbs or bread.
  3. Chicken meat will have a crispy crust during baking if it is overflowing with lemon juice diluted with water.
  4. If your gravy is a little blown and has a bitter taste, remove the meat from the bowl, juice spills, instead pour some soup cubes, add a few tablespoons of wine, return meat to this and continue cooking liquid as needed to soften the meat.
  5. In the roasting meat juice can add a little sour cream, so you’ll get a delicious topping for baked potato, rice or noodles.
  6. When the meat or vegetables you want to bake in aluminum foil, put them on the side of that great film, and then carefully pick up the ends and bend. It needs to be done during baking, so as not to leaked juice. Good to know that cooking in aluminum foil takes a little longer than in a regular baking pan.
  7. If you have meat for a few days longer stood in the refrigerator and got an unpleasant odor, wash it with cold water and leave fifteen minutes in a mild chamomile tea.
  8. When cooking meat that has long stood in the freezer next to him put a few slices of celery and cook together. It will be tastier meat.
  9. Every meat you intend to burn, it is much softer and tastier if they hold for some time previously in the milk.
  10. Liver will be softer and tastier if on each piece, before frying, pouring a few drops of vinegar. Do not be salted before roasting, but after, otherwise it will be tough

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