Serving tables

Serving tables
Serving tables
The table in the house, even when guests come, should be a nice set. What should always be covered with a tablecloth. If you have a formal lunch or dinner, it is recommended that white tablecloth made of quality materials (ex. damask), and napkins should be in the same vein (but not necessarily). Tablecloth has to be perfectly clean and ironed. For lunch or dinner that are festive and can be used in colored tablecloths, colorful, checkered and the like.

Cutlery set so you can set the left fork and knife to the right of the plate. Bucket is placed to the right of the knife, on the outside. Spoons, forks and knife should be set so that their handles facing toward the edge of the table, a knife blade to the plate.
In a simple arrangement of cutlery when eating at home, usually placed a large shallow dish, and on it a deep soup plate. If you serve as an appetizer, then put a small plate for an appetizer, with a special knife and fork.
When organizing a lunch or dinner for guests, setting the table is somewhat more complicated. If more food is served, it must be put right accessories, but never more than three forks and three knives. If used before the main course of fish, be sure to set a special accessory to fish and fork to the left of the plate on the outside, a knife, spoon and knife between the main course.
Who does not have supplies for fish, can eat only a fork and a piece of bread. Fish fork is placed before a meat fork. It is good if the fish fork has a different shape, for example, if a little less. In this case, the left side of the plate will be placed two forks and a knife on the right.

Instructions for properly setting the table
Instructions for properly setting the table

Spoons and small forks for dessert can be put on the upper side plates, with the handle facing your right hand.
Compote container, together with a spoon, there is left of the plate for the salad. The composite plate is placed napkin, cut a piece of bread in the basket. Containers for salt and pepper are also common items on the table. On the table should be located and the water jug ​​and glasses
each person. If you drink water, there is a glass of 2 oz, a cup of wine 1 dl. Glasses on the table does not turn upside down, but are placed so that they can be poured immediately.
Great accessory for the extraction of food (large soup spoon, soup spoon and accessories for the extraction of meat, salads ..) is placed on the table to the right of housewives.

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