Practical advices and 16 kitchen “gold” rules

  1. Practical advices and 16 kitchen rules
    Practical advices and 16 kitchen rules

    Cakes that stick to the pan easy to remove if you set the pan for a moment over a court in the boiling water.

  2. Old and hard rolls are fresh again when you put it in dry dirt court then soak in hot water. Remove the powder when the water cools down.
  3. To get out of the mold kuglof invert mold and place on plate covered with a damp cloth. If kuglof not drop, shake gently mold together with a fork.
  4. Fresh bread or cake will easily cut with a knife heated.
  5. To make the cake easier to set up in the middle of the plate before placing a plate of cake wet. That cake will easily slip into midfield.
  6. Cookies will not get burned from the bottom if the bottom of the oven sprinkle dry table salt.
  7. If the cream is very hard to muti adding a bit of butter. Fat facilitates the creation of foam.
  8. Beer will lose if the bitterness of beer down a glass of ice lemon slice, let it sit for a few moments, and then drink over the lemon. Cooking, frying, baking …
  9. Hot, greasy soup best if  you strain transfer to the court through a clean cloth moistened in cold water. All the fat will keep the vamping.
  10. Food will cook faster if you cook the lid on the court!
  11. If oil or grease would Sprinkle with frying, add a little salt in bowl.
  12. The soup in the summer would not be quickly broken while still hot add the “top blade” soda.
  13. Do not adust baking or fat dry up while covered with paper over it, which in turn will spread paper. The same goes for the cakes.
  14. To sauerkraut, goulash stew and the like. stir well and are juicy and soft under the lid you can put greasy paper.
  15. When food burns immediately remove pan from oven, turn the lid upside down and so lid on the pan down stream of cold water for about 10 minutes. Food transfer in a clean pan and the smell of burning will not feel.
  16. too salted roast in a clean napkin roll. He will take the salt from food.

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