Sour Cherry Sauce

Sour cherry sauce
Sour cherry sauce


  • 400 g pitted sour cherries,
  • a little cinnamon,
  • lemon peel of lemon half,
  • 4 grain saccharin,
  • salt,
  • 3 tablespoons flour,
  • 1 dl sour cream.


  1. All pitted sour cherries season with a little cinnamon.
  2. Put cinnamon seasoned pitted sour cherries, a lemon peel of lemon half, 4 grain saccharin and salt in a pot, pour over water to cover all ingredients, and cook.
  3. 3 tablespoons of flour stir with 1 dl of sour cream.
  4. When water with sour cherries boils pour flour – sour cream mix and cook until it boils again.


It is usually served with a roast meat and baked potatoes.

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  1. Takes me back to my childhood. Compote was sohtmeing I ate very often. Using Porto wine and the unusual spices, such as star anise and cardamom, which I love, really make it very interesting and exotic. Thank you for sharing. Your presentation is also so beautiful.

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