Serbian Cuisine is Not Awakened from the Ottoman Sleep

Sasa Misic from serbian TV SHOW "Paklena kuhinja" ("Hell kichen")
Saša Mišić from serbian TV SHOW "Paklena kuhinja" ("Hell kichen")

Five minutes with … Saša Mišić from serbian TV SHOW “Paklena kuhinja” (“Hell kichen”).

You were born in Serbia, but you grew up and were educated in Germany?

– Yes, I grew up in Germany, with the Germans who were extremely care of about me and my family. But blood is not water. I was born in Serbia and there was my soul.

How did you decide to return to your homeland?

– As I got older, the desire to return to Serbia was increasing. I wanted to back my family and our family name to where my late grandfather started 60 years ago. And my wife, who is German, she insisted that we must ultimately make the decision where will our children go to school and what language will it learn

What you find in Serbia when you came back?

– I can say it was as if we came to another planet. To a man in Serbia to became part of society, he must share the same passion, to drink the same water and sleeping under the same sky with the people. Now I am happy that we managed and we accepted from beautiful, but brisk Serbia. My decision was good!

What are the benefits of Germany, and what of  Serbia?

– For me the good side of Germany is ordered society and system, and the negative side of the credit risk of becoming addicted slave of boring life. As far as Serbia is concerned, it is positive that still has energy, struggles, challenges … Negative is that you spend a lot of that energy in the fight for survival…

How are your wife and children come upon on the local field?

– Very fast and well, and my wife and children speak both languages.

What is the biggest problem Serbian caterers?

– Vanity, vanity, vanity and, by the way, vanity …

Is there a Serbian national cuisine?

– My opinion is that there is. The biggest problem is that the Serbian cuisine didn’t awake from Ottoman sleep and didn’t startle from the Austro-Hungarian convenience. There are a lot of our dishes that are appropriated by other people and we do not have enough brave chefs who can start the reconstruction of Serbian cuisine.

Does Serbian cuisine, as it is, can be used as bait for tourists?

– Bait are definitely grill and cooked meals, and in large quantities. Because the tourists looking for a large amountfor a little money because  for them a food in on second place on traveling.

Some argue that only the original Serbian dish is lambskin caps? What you think about that?

– Kapama is a Turkish word and means covered, so that this example confirms what I am talking about.

Do you have any idea that meals should be able to become Serbian brand?

– Of course I have, and not just one, but you do not want to pay my secret. Smile

Source: Vesti Online

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