Serbs Takes Food from the Turks – True or False?

The oldest national dishes
The oldest national dishes

“When we consider that almost all the Balkan peoples have at their tables moussaka, meatballs, pilaf, pies, baklava, etc.. and that all were for centuries under the Turks, then only one conclusion may be logical: all the dishes they have received from Turks. Do you have a purely Turkish food, or some of them come from Arab or Persian cuisine is not very significant – it is important that they were brought to the Balkans by the Turks.” –  quote from the serbian newspaper “Blic”

Since the administrators of this site is personally convinced that the Serbian cuisine is still very different from the Turkish tasteless food, the question is whether the quote from the newspaper “Blic” (which we found on the Internet) is correct.

Turkish cuisine is truly tasteless (at least what we tried in hotels in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi). The only thing that is true is that we have kept some of the names of dishes, but we definitely gave them our “stamp”. Also, all that remained of the Turks are delights: Urmašice, baklava, etc..

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4 Responses to "Serbs Takes Food from the Turks – True or False?"

  1. It is very rude to declare that the food of an entire nation is “tasteless” on such a small sample!! I have sampled many dishes in manyTurkish restaurants and they are absolutely delicious! I really think that you should maybe correct your article and maybe say that you didn’t find the food in the hotel very tasty, rather that to insult the whole country.

  2. To me Serbian food is still my favorite even though I have travelled to many countires around the world and tried their cuisine. I have also been to Turkey (Istanbul, Amasra, Cappadocia) and I will agree that is rude to call the food of the entire nation “tasteless.” I enjoyed many of the meals I had in Turkey, especially the “Turkish breakfast.” At times is was difficult to find amazing food in restaurants but that because many Turkish people prefer to eat at home and eating out in restaurants is not as widespread. So for a true tase you would have to have a home-cooked meal.

    1. Dear Mira and Tihana,

      I was in Turkey this summer again, and I must admit that we have a great time. Food was delicious this time. We had a great time in Kusadasi.
      We had included meals in restaurant called “Rosy” and food was GREAT!!!!
      Their pages:
      That above, in post, was my first visit and probably I was at wrong places when food is in question.
      My mistakes and apologies to my friends from Turkey!!!

  3. Judging Turkish food as tasteless in a Kusadasi hotel is at least twice wrong. I have no doubt Serbian food is delicious but it can also be tasteless if prepared poorly. Next time in Turkey if you take along a local friend and eat outside of tourist hotels then you will know.


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