Dobos Cake (Doboš torta)


  • 16 eggs
  • 16 spoons of sugar
  • 250g butter or margarine
  • 300g of sugar more
  • ½ cup of strong sherbet
  • 10 spoons of flour
  • 4 bars of cooking chocolate

Crust preparation:

Whisk the 10 eggs with 10 spoons of sugar and add 10 spoons of flour, and bake the mass 7 to 8 equal barks (layers) for the cake. Each layer should be baked in oven on 1800C for about 15 min. until it get golden-like color. Leave them to get cooled.

Creme preparation:

In a bowl whisk 6 egg yolks with 6 spoons of sugar. Separately whisk well 250g of butter or margarine with the 100g sugar and then mix the contents of these two bowls together. Add scraped chocolate and previously prepared ½ cup of sherbet* (Sherbet is fried sugar overflowed with water) and whisk it all well.
Each previously baked layer fill with so obtained cream mass arranging layers one on another, until you get cake shape. The cream mass should be spread on the cake sides, as the glaze made of fried sugar is not suitable for that. Melt 200g of sugar, adding a little water, stir constantly with the wooden spoon and watching not to be over-burned until it get pale yellow color and when it becomes thick. It could be added one bar of cooking chocolate for the taste and a dark brown color glaze look, as you like it. Pour this glaze over the upper surface of cake and spread it with a hot knife (A hot knife you get when you put it in a hot water for a while and use the knife with as wider surface as you have). When the glaze is formed it is needed to mark the future pieces of cake for easier cutting as the glaze becomes hard when it get cooled.
The glaze and the edge of the glaze could be decorated with the syringe for cakes.

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