Grandmother’s Baklawa (Bakina baklava)

Grandmother's baklawa (Bakina baklava-Made in Serbia)
Grandmother’s baklawa

Ingredients :

  • 250-300g of ground walnuts
  • 4 eggs
  • 2dl of water
  • 2dl of cooking oil
  • 2 x 200g + 1 x 500g of sugar
  • 200g of sour cream (instead it could be used the same measure of jogurt or a cold milk)
  • 1 small bag (10g) of baking powder
  • 1 small bag (10g) of vanilla sugar
  • 600g (1 pack) of thin crust for cheese pie
    Mixture 1 :
    In one bowl mix 4 eggs, 2dl of water, 2dl of cooking oil, 200g of sugar, 200g sour cream and 1 small bag of baking powder, and whisk it well WITHOUT COOKING.
    Mixture 2 :
    In a second bowl make mixture of 200g of sugar and 250-300g of ground nuts (half of it finely ground nuts with a grinder and the other haf finely ground nuts with a knife).
    Mixture 3 :
    In a cooking pan pour ½ liter of water, add 50g of sugar, 1 small bag of vanilla sugar and cook it on the stove plate for about 20 minutes.
    Preparation :
    Sort, layer by layer, thin crust for cheese pie into a cassrole arranging each layer to be coated with the mixture 1 first, and mixture 2 over it. When you reach to the top, the last thin crust layer should be coated only with the mixture 1. Cut to the bottom, with the larger knife, vertically and horizontally rows, thus forming the future pieces of baklawa. Put it into the oven and bake it on the temperature of 1800C until the upper surface become well baked (brown coloured). After the baking was finished, pull out cassrole from the oven and slowly baste (pour over) the whole top surface of baked baklawa with the mixture 3 until it was well soaked. When the mixture was well soaked, leave the baklawa to be cooled off on the room temperature. After that, the baklawa is ready for serving. It’s very tasty even if you keep it in a refrigerator.
    This is one of the best baklawa recipes ever. It could be served as a very delicious extraordinary dessert in various occassions: birthadys, parties, engagement, wedding ceremonies, Christmas and A New Year celebrations etc.
Grandmother's baklawa1
Grandmother’s baklawa

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3 Responses to "Grandmother’s Baklawa (Bakina baklava)"

  1. I made this yesterday. Is it meant to be a softer baklava — not crispy? Compared to other recipes, it does not have any spices. I understand that this is a Serbian recipe. Can you tell me a bit about the different styles? Thanks! It is tasty, just very different from the Baklava that I typically have which is either Greek or Turkish.

    1. Dear Jessica,
      Thanks for visiting our site.You are right,it is meant to be a softer baklava-not crispy and it does not have any spices.We have tried adding a squeezed lemon juice into the cooked sugar water, or adding a vanilla sticks, or round cuts of lemon slices and it was really nice. But we are attached to basic recipe which gave us the best result according to our taste.Optionally, there is a wide space for experiments.We have tried baklava-s of the different origin (Turkish,Greek) and all were overwhelmed with the dense and too sweet liquid that gave a harsh taste.So we keep our opinion that the main clue with the baklava recipe is a good balance of the cooked sugar water.The baked baklava has to be sunken into that balanced,and not too sweet liquid and stay for a while to soak up this liquid.Thus,we get a softer baklava with extraordinary taste of walnuts.
      Our best regards and best wishes in A New 2014 Year!
      Veselin, Serbia

  2. Good comment….I’m Serb and we never put egg or cream, ever….and we use cloves and cinnamon…..not saying this recipe is wrong or right, but this is very different. I will give this a go for the hell of it…I do agree with SCB Chef that Serbian Baklava is softer, much softer than the rock-hard turkish and greek variations which are also way to sweet. Each to their own but I much prefer the softer Serbian versions.


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