Homemade Black Bread

The fresh and crispy black bread is a delicious and nutrient contribution to any main meal like all kinds of meat,fish,many smears etc. It's healthy, really!
Fried Breaded Cheese

The fried breaded cheese, very delicious and tasty meal, could be fast prepared and served hot on various oocasions, common or uncommon, with family or friends, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with a friendly conversation, drinking wines or juices. With…
Shepherd’s Scrambled Eggs

Shepherd’s scrambled eggs could be served for breakfast with an addition of bacon, ham, mushrooms, ajvar, fresh tomato, tomato sauce, parsley (as an decoration) etc. A very delicious and special taste of this breakfast meal mainly depends on the cow…
Domestic Baker Rolls

Domestic baker rolls are very nice, tasty and suitable in many situations on parties, birthdays, family celebrations, as an appetizer before main meals even on Christmas, Easter and A New Year celebrations. Our recommendation, very nice and tasty.
Cabbage Heads Pickling

The pickled cabbage could be used in various cases as a salad (Cut to a smaller pieces) to a meat food addition, especially roasted meat, fried meat with the potato etc. The pickled head leaves are especially used for a…