Pasta Salad

Pasta salad - refreshing salad that can be served hot or cold. Ingredients: 300g spaghetti, two young onions, chopped, 1 clove garlic, squeezed, coriander leaves...
Mama’s Homemade Salad

Mama's homemade salad - ingredients: 1kg cheese (spreadable cheese), 200g of deli meat (chopped into small cubes), 5 pickled gherkins finely grated, 2-3 onions...
Lettuce Salad

Lettuce salad - clean, fresh salad, common in Serbian cuisine to be served with roast meat and fries. Ingredients: 2 head lettuce, 4 tablespoons oil...
Serbian Cheese Burek

Cheese burek (burek sa sirom) - traditional Balkanian meal. Burek can also be filled with meat,apple,pizza ingredients,mushrooms, but cheese burek is the most popular.
Spinach Pudding

Spinach pudding - ingredients: 300g spinach, 250g sour cream, 200g white bread, 100g butter, 100g bread crumbs, a bunch of parsley, 6 eggs, 2dl milk...
Serving tables

The table in the house, even when guests come, should be a nice set. Here you can read how to serve your tables at home, like in the best restaurants.
10 meat tips

10 useful tips for preparing meat. To refresh a long standing meat in the fridge, when you need to brine the meat, to bake meat and so on.
CHEF Advices

In this section you can find a lot of useful tips for your kitchen. This section is a guide to help save you from some of the most common cooking errors we all make.